“A life un-examined, is a life wasted” Socrates

Dianne M. Yancey is the founder and president of DSN Coaching. She began her coaching career by training with the industry leader Franklin Covey where she was certified as a business/life success coach.  Now 13 years later she has become a sought after speaker for conferences and organizational gatherings. Dianne’s nature is Positive and optimistic. This nature puts people at ease as they enter into a coaching relationship allowing her to impact the lives of people.  She has a strong desire to help bring out what they are capable of and has the ability to see the best in people.  As a coach and in her personal life she organizes events and situations so people are comfortable and enjoy the experience.  Dianne has a way of getting into the middle of things, almost unnoticed, to stimulate people to strive for the best they can be. As a result, people became more productive, effective, and grow. Her positivity is seen in the impact that she has on groups and individuals.  Dianne is a amazing at moving people to their greatest potential and into roles where their potential can be lived out.  Not only does she see the strengths and talents, the potentials and the capabilities of others.  She watches for the emerging abilities within people. She is particularly perceptive in noticing even the smallest amount of progress people make as they grow and develop. This leads to her mirroring back to people their progress. It is as if she sees “stepping stones” for moving people from where they are to higher levels of development. Accordingly, she is a great source of encouragement and a stimulator of personal progress. The great thing about all of this is how alive she becomes as she stimulates others with her talent to develop people.Her group presentation style is fun and energetic. As a coach Dianne assists people through the many obstacles and transitions in life.  The process she uses is customized for each person individually. THE COMMUNITY CONNECTION,Dianne’s radio show, was recognized as having the fastest growing listener ship on the Grapevine network. The show evolved out of Dianne’s desire to focus on communication styles and interact with her audience in meaningful coaching ways. She spends time during every show answering emails she receives from listeners and encourages call in questions.

Her guests are invited to share their stories or as Dianne puts it “their Legends”. Some talk about companies they have founded and the processes they went through to act on their passion. Others talk about personal experiences that changed the direction of their life. And many Hot issues have made lively discussions on her radio show. Her style is open and friendly

Dianne is the Author of:

That’s the way the fortune cookie crumbles

Educating at Home with Love, Creativity and Respect

Talk to My Personality

She has written many articles for “Wasatch Women Magazine” where her article on Mary Kaye Huntsman was the cover story. Dianne has organized many corporate events and fund raisers that have included; Colin Powell, Henry Winkler, Collin Ray, Michael McLean, Michael Ballam.

She worked for several years as a gubernatorial appointee to be the first Director of the Office of Child Care for the State of Utah under two Governors.

She serves in many community programs and  has been a

champion for women, children, and families.